Digital Skills at UWTSD

Structured Learning

Lecturer working from his office

Structured learning offers a holistic approach to developing your digital skills by setting out a learning pathway for each of the six digital capabilities in the Jisc Digital Capabilities model.

You can work through all six to develop a broad range of digital skills, or take a deep dive into one or two to focus on areas of particular interest or relevance. Learning pathways are suitable for both students and staff across a range of roles. 

Learning pathways make it easier to plan your development and bring structure to your learning. Each has two online development toolkits offering resources at entry and advanced levels. We also reference our available UWTSD InfoSkills Programme where applicable, which is designed to create opportunities for students to develop their transferable digital and information skills, facilitating both their academic success and employability.

Pathways are flexible and designed in such a way that you can choose which elements you want to attend or participate in according to your needs, learning preferences and goals. You can take as long as you like to complete your learning and can access the structured learning pathways through the following links: