LinkedIn Learning

Access thousands of courses

LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary of LinkedIn.  A myriad of videos are streamed from industry experts that are free to access anytime providing teaching material in software, creative and business skills for all levels.  You do not need a profile on LinkedIn to access courses and you can also choose whether you wish to link your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account.

The benefits of LinkedIn learning

Think about having a huge bank of accessible resources to hand after just a few clicks.  This is what LinkedIn Learning can offer you.  The courses are also designed to be for any level, so you shouldn’t be afraid of engaging in one that suits your needs.  This is great if you are thinking of employability in the future and having those skills in the workplace. 

Don’t forget also that you can access this platform when and where you are available on any device from a mobile to a laptop computer.

How to register?

Use your university login credentials to access thousands of resources.  Don’t have a LinkedIn account?  No problem. You can still sign into LinkedIn learning!  Of course, having a LinkedIn account opens-up the possibility of adding and showcasing certificates to your LinkedIn profile, which can boost employability.  Connecting the two can give extra kudos in terms of your future career and continued professional development.