Gain a Digital Badge

We want all staff and students to be recognised for all the new skills you have developed. As a result, you can now track your learning through Moodle, our online virtual learning environment to gain a range of digital badges.

You can use these badges as evidence of your learning, that you can share with colleagues and wider staff within the University or via your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. There are two ways you can do this:

1. Follow our recommended learning pathway

We have developed a collection of resources that have been designed to meet the needs of four specific role profiles within the university.  Each profile in Moodle will include a selected number of resources, that give you a flavour of all the skills you need that align to the 6 areas of Digital Capabilities as defined by JISC.

Our role profiles include:

  • Teaching staff
  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Leaders

There are 6 badges in total, one for each digital capability. Once you have completed at least four learning activities within a specific digital capability, you are ready for a well-earned digital badge! You can claim this by completing a short form to evidence and reflect on your learning and how it will help you in your studies, research, work or life more broadly.

You can take your learning further by working through our advanced resources, giving you the opportunity to gain a number of advanced digital badges. The process to apply for advanced badges are the same, simply log into Moodle using your University login details, and choose the ‘Advanced’ option for your chosen profile.

2. Explore our Digital Skills collection

You don’t have to follow our recommended learning pathway in Moodle, you can access our full range of digital skills resources at any time by clicking on one of the following digital skills capabilities. Access our collection of resources online; save, organise and share them.

All you need to do is complete 4 or more resources within each digital capability and track your progress through Moodle, by completing a short form to evidence your learning in your chosen digital capability.

Many of our courses are from LinkedIn Learning, and as a member of staff or student, you have free access. Make sure you have registered before using any of the LinkedIn Learning courses.

Advice and support

If you have any questions, or if you’re looking for further support,
please get in touch with one of our Digital Skills Advisors and they will get back to you.
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